Creature concepts

Here are some creature concepts done during my time in the Trixter art department.


Click the thumbnail to see the full images.

Being the lead character animator for Trixter on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 came with a lot of creative input. We often were pitching ideas to the client and to the other departments of what we wanted to do in our sequences. Here's a few drawings and illustrations that were used to either pitch ideas or help character development for the animation team.


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Pedal UP! Game Concept Artwork

Some examples of character and environment conceptual artwork that was done for the mobile game "Pedal UP" from

Derailleur Interactive.

Links to the game can be found on the website at

Click the large image to see it full screen

Personal work

A collection of artwork from personal projects. Click the large image to see it in full.

Paludal Universe

Paludal is a universe that I have been creating on my own about a swamp planet inhabited by creatures who live on the overgrown local fauna.

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