Storyboarding and Development

Here are some examples from projects that I have been helping with some story art and previsualization. 

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Sonic boards and style frames
Something I did for our scenes at Trixter was to make a detailed styleframe of the scenes to provide a good idea of how I was expecting the shots to appear. They ended up being a useful guides for rigging layout and animation. I also planned out any extra scenes that we felt were needed. Ultimately, the sequence was scrapped.
Captain Marvel Skrull Escape
Here are some boards that I did as we conceptualized one of the shots as Captain Marvel escaped from the Skrull ship. Along with planning out the shot, I also used boards to keep track of the continuity of the pod destruction as she reentered Earth's atmosphere.

Here is a one week storyboard challenge done for Crystal Dynamics from a page of script. 

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Animatic can be seen below

Here are some boards that I did for a short animated film for Honeydew Studios.

Being the lead character animator for Trixter on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 came with a lot of creative input. We often were pitching ideas to the client and to the other departments of what we wanted to do in our sequences. Here's a few drawings and illustrations that were used to either pitch ideas or help character development for the animation team.


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Bald Eagle short for Trixter development

This is a small test I planned out for Trixter so we could start testing out birds and feathers

Here is some artwork from a personal project that I am currently developing